BalaGokula Balagokula is an activity to with an objective of overall personality development of children by giving them the opportunity to delve deep into their inner selves, discover and manifest the divinity that prevails in them. In this weekly program of 75 minutes children are taught to appreciate their cultural roots and bring it in their lives. All round personality development (physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual) is achieved by having activities such as games, yoga, stories, Bhajans, and Shlokas.

The Balagokula focuses mainly on children aged between 5 to 13 years. The activity is also conducted in slums (after school hours) &govt schools (during school hours)


  • The results show that there is huge improvement in grasping and learning capability of children, they have become more sensitive towards family, society.
  • The Balagokula has also positively impacted the families of those children, where it is noticed that there is an overall improvement of love and affection among the family members.

Location : Many places in Bengaluru and other districts of Karnataka

Volunteering Opportunity

  1. Taking regular on-going sessions for children through
  • Songs, Shloka, Bhajans
  • Stories and real life incidents of great personalities
  • Group activities, Arts  & Games,Skits and dramas
  • Projects and Field trips etc.
  1. Organize onetime events like Krishna janmashtami, Ganesha celebrations-making Clay Ganesha, etc.,Balagokulam in Kerala
  2. Start Balagokula activities in new places, schools
  3. Website maintenance, Social media etc.,
  4. Financing the minimum needs


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