Forums for interactive intellectual dialogues provide platforms where a specific topic is discussed in detail by a subject matter expert for an hour, followed by a question-answer session. Topics range from National Security, Economy, Ecology, Socio-religious issue, Women Safety, or a few socio-scientific classical topics. Analysis of contemporary issues forms public opinion. These forums are run across the state under various banners like Manthana, Varthamana, etc.,

Locations:Sarbanand Sonowal (Present Union Minister) at Manthana event

Around 25 fourms are active in Karnataka. Manthana in Bengaluru, Vartamana in Davanagere, Samalochana Vedike in Udupi, Citizen’s Council in Mangaluru , etc., are a few to name.


  • In 2012 Manthana organized statewide seminars through its intellectual forums on topics related to UPA Government’s proposed Muslim University at Srirangapattana of Mysore, which was clearly a violation of secular fabric of the Constitution.
  • On the above issue, the lectures given in Manthana platforms by Dr. S L Bhairappa, Dr. Chidananda Murthy, Prof. Rakesh Sinha of Delhi and several other thinkers were published as a report in the media. It successfully generated public opinion. As result, Government withdrew its proposal.
  • These forums are grooming many writers, thinkers and influencing the public opinions in many places.

Volunteering opportunities:

  • Take part in existing forums as a team member to organize events.
  • Start new platforms in your area and organize talks.
  • Organize program in colleges / universities on topics of national and social interest.
  • Listing target audience of the area, making a comprehensive email list. Identifying the people who can attend the program.
  • Usage email/social media for the campaign of the event.
  • Pre and post events works such as stage management, anchoring etc, taking report/photos, documenting the program etc.

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