Green clubs are started in schools to increase the awareness about the environment protection and nature friendly lifestyle. School is the best place to have green clubs where the environmental awareness program is provided to the young minds. And, children are known as good messengers. Hence the child ensures it is practiced at home and school and internalizes the practices.

Green clubs intend:

  • To create awareness among students about environment pollution
  • To set a fundamental corrective action required for gaining back the health and comfort
  • To ensure a pure and peaceful environment

Below are the programs conducted in Green Clubs:

  • Waste auditing: Waste collection, segregation and management
  • Preparing compost: by using organic waste, compost can be prepared to fertilize soil
  • Planting/adopting trees: To reduce the pollution of environment
  • Save energy and water: To stop scarcity of water and electricity
  • Paper bags: To reduce the usage of plastic

Locations: Konanakunte, Bengaluru.

Volunteering opportunity:

  • Talk to management of schools and start green clubs
  • Visit and guide the students regularly
  • Take sessions in schools on environment
  • Assist each student to plant trees, gardening
  • Guiding them to keep their environment clean
  • Conducting quiz for students to know the impact of the green club

“Jnanagiri”, #75/76, 4th Cross, 2nd Main, Soudamini Layout, Konankunte, Bengaluru-560 062
Contact :  Soumya Dey, Ph: +91-98800 12920 | Email: [email protected]