• Bangalore city alone has a total of around 280 to 300 lakes
  • Majority of the lakes are filled with sewage, undergone encroachment
  • Absence of proper monitoring and maintenance system for lakes.

A movement is ongoing in many places to protect lakes. Lake protection committees are formed, awareness campaigns, lake cleaning drives are conducted. These groups have the below objectives.Lake Repair-Pavagada - Karnatakaka (1)

  • Prevention of encroachment, pollution
  • Develop the lake as a fresh water storage pond
  • Revive all natural lakes and water bodies and their wetlands
  • Develop the lake as recreational center

Lake Repair-Pavagada - Karnatakaka (8)


  • Awareness level among the general public has increased.
  • A few died lakes are rejuvenated
  • As a result of these movements, courts have ordered the Governments to:
    • Prohibiting dumping garbage and sewage in lakes.
    • Survey the lake area, fence and declare a ‘no development zone’ around lakes.
    • Set up district lake protection committees.

Locations: Bengaluru, Nelamangala

Volunteering opportunity:

  • Create awareness among people about importance of lakes.
  • Adopt a lake and support in developing and maintaining.
  • Create a group of common minded people to prevent pollution.
  • Organize and volunteer for lake cleaning drives.
  • Planting saplings along the lakeside.
  • Encourage people to use recycled water.

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