About the activity

  • Rashtrotthana Blood Bank is committed to provide safe blood and help the society.
  • Blood Collection, Testing and Issue of whole blood and its components.
  • Collection of blood is through Voluntary Blood Donation Camps.
  • Issue of Blood and its components free of cost to Thalassemia patients and concessional issue to Dialysis patients.


Volunteering Opportunity

  • Organising Voluntary Blood donation camps in colleges, offices, apartments etc
  • Pre-donation, during and post- donation counselling
  • Registration of blood donors
  • Administrative work at Blood Bank.
  • Follow-up of beneficiaries to involve them in social activities
  • Follow-up of all the donors to remind them of their due date for next donation
  • A separate counter at blood donation camps to create awareness about RashtrotthanaParishat activities and the ways people can participate in our activities

Dr. Sumithra
Keshava Shilpa, Kempegowdanagar
Bangalore – 560 019
Phone: 9480436702
[email protected]