world-aids-day-red-ribbonAbout the activity

  • Rehabilitation of adults
  1. Matrimonial support between HIV+ adults only
  2. Providing medical facilities for the bride and bridegrooms
  • Awareness
  1. Personality Development Camps
  2. Constituting an expert team of counselors
  3. Workshops to create awareness about HIV/AIDS patients among doctors, nurses etc
  • Human trafficking
  1. Collaborate with similar organizations to identify the culprits, initiate measures to prosecute
  2. Hearing the problems of the victims and providing rehabilitation
  • Social stigma
  1. Create right awareness about the disease
  2. Bring infected people into the social mainstreamanf infuse confidence
  • Cure for HIV/AIDS
  1. Encouraging the field of medicine to conduct people-friendly research
  2. Helping eradication of the disease through Ayurvedic concepts & Yoga

All over Karnataka

Volunteering Opportunity

  • Maintaining website
  • Forming a medical team of expert voluntary doctors
  • Constituting separate youth wings to enlist youths as counselors
  • Providing legal support to the HIV/AIDS patients
  • Help with building a single platform for all HIV/AIDS patients

Phone: 0821-2484477
Facebook: Virusfreeindia