Yoga Vyamama 2About the activity

  • One day / Three day camps with sessions focused on:
  •  ‘Dinachary’ means appropriate daily regimes which should be followed the Ayurveda way for a physically, mentally & spiritually healthy life.
  • ‘Ritucharya’- Seasonal Regime in Ayurveda
  • Simple treatment
  • Importance of Organic food
  • Food habits
  • About ‘Upavasa’ or ‘Fasting’
  • Preparing herbal cosmetics
  • How to make healthy recipes


  • Programs/camps in more than 20 places in Karnataka
  • 80+ one-day camps, more than 5,000 beneficiaries
  • 10 three-day camps, more than 600 beneficiaries
  • About 10 One-day camps to teach about preparing ‘healthy recipes’, 400 beneficiaries

Many places in Bangalore and other districts of Karnataka

Volunteering Opportunity
Get Trained. Conduct a Camp
Be an Organiser. Network in your area. Organise a Shibir
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