• RashtrotthanaParishat (www.rashtrotthana.org)
  1. Running Yoga classes since 42 years
  2. Conducted in 6 centers across Karnataka
  3. Total 82 daily yoga classes from 5:30 to 7:30
  4. Around 1652 learner practice yoga everyday
  • Hindu SevaPratishthana (www.hinduseva.org)
  1. Daily 7 classes
  2. Over 600 people attending classes daily
  3. Many teachers trained
  4. Engaging community in many social activities
  • Patanjali Yoga ShikshanaSamiti (www.pathanjali.hpage.com)
  1. Running free yoga classes for over 30 years
  2. 320 centres across Karnataka
  3. Integrating Yoga with integral development of individuals and family.
  4. Free teacher training programs
  • Swami Vivekananda Yoga AnusandhanaSamstha (www.svyasa.edu.in)
  1. A world class Yoga University
  2. Courses in Yoga & Spirituality – Diploma, BSc, MSc and PhDs
  3. Arogyadhama – Yoga Therapy center
  4. Trained thousands of Yoga teachers all over Bharat and other countries

Impact/StatisticsYoga Vyamama 2 

  1. Social orientation with Yoga
  2. Healthy person with emotional evolution

All over India

Volunteering Opportunity

  • Get trained as Yoga teacher in any of the institutions
  • Teach at centres in Rashtrotthana, Yogashri, PatanjaliShikshanaSamiti or S-VYASA
  • Volunteer to teach Yoga in government schools and Sevabastis. Youth for Seva will connect to appropriate places near to your place.
  • Organize Yoga classes in your residential areas