Fine arts and Theater Activities

It is necessary to re-inculcate the existing Indian traditions in all forms of Indian Art and to view art not just for entertainment, but for enrichment. There is a need to promote budding talents, providing them suitable platforms and organize the artists.

RANGATORANA (ರಂಗತೋರಣ), is a unique initiative by Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP). It is a festival of Drama held at Bellary, Karnataka North. It has been a reputed event in the field of performing arts, promoting youth talent in drama.

Volunteering Opportunities:

  • Identifying and promoting promising talent of your area.
  • Providing them a suitable platform, recognizing the possible opportunities to them.
  • If the type of talent is to be explored via a group event, example through Drama/ Yaksthagana etc, then note such practicing platforms and involve them in various occasions.
  • Promoting nationalistic thoughts among artists of all forms of arts. Asking them to perform art that imbues the spirit of patriotism, cultural nationalism and universal brotherhood. Eg., Music program of patriotic songs, music drama on freedom fighters, street play on social evils, etc.,
  • Promotion of such troops through media and social media.
  • Organize free classes in colleges and schools for different types of art forms.
  • Associated learning and organizing such events regularly with a specific annual planning as per the occasions.


Bangalore, Mangalore, Shimoga, Mysore and Tumkur districts of Karnataka South. Also in Sirsi, Dharwad, Belgaum, Gulbarga and Bellary in Karnataka North zone

Sanskara Bharati
Yadavasmrithi, # 10, 1st main Sheshadripuram, Bangalore – 560010

State President Sri Suresh Raj, Mangalore 98450 80968
State Gen. Sec Sri Aa .Cha. Ashok Kumar, Mysore  98451 23504
State Org. Sec. Sri Sreepathi  99456 29991

For Rangatorana:
‘Rangamane’, Tekooru Ramanatha Compound, Moka Road, Bellary
Karnataka – 583103
Phone: 08392-255805, 9916009426


Intellectual Forums

Forums for interactive intellectual dialogues provide platforms where a specific topic is discussed in detail by a subject matter expert for an hour, followed by a question-answer session. Topics range from National Security, Economy, Ecology, Socio-religious issue, Women Safety, or a few socio-scientific classical topics. Analysis of contemporary issues forms public opinion. These forums are run across the state under various banners like Manthana, Varthamana, etc.,


Around 25 fourms are active in Karnataka. Manthana in Bengaluru, Vartamana in Davanagere, Samalochana Vedike in Udupi, Citizen’s Council in Mangaluru , etc., are a few to name.


  • In 2012 Manthana organized statewide seminars through its intellectual forums on topics related to UPA Government’s proposed Muslim University at Srirangapattana of Mysore, which was clearly a violation of secular fabric of the Constitution.
  • On the above issue, the lectures given in Manthana platforms by Dr. S L Bhairappa, Dr. Chidananda Murthy, Prof. Rakesh Sinha of Delhi and several other thinkers were published as a report in the media. It successfully generated public opinion. As result, Government withdrew its proposal.
  • These forums are grooming many writers, thinkers and influencing the public opinions in many places.

Volunteering opportunities:

  • Take part in existing forums as a team member to organize events.
  • Start new platforms in your area and organize talks.
  • Organize program in colleges / universities on topics of national and social interest.
  • Listing target audience of the area, making a comprehensive email list. Identifying the people who can attend the program.
  • Usage email/social media for the campaign of the event.
  • Pre and post events works such as stage management, anchoring etc, taking report/photos, documenting the program etc.

Srinivas B. P.
Email: [email protected], manthanakarnatak[email protected]
Phone: Rajesh Padmar 9880621824,
Radhakrishna Holla 97312 64009,
B P Srinivas 93412 32491

Promotion of Literature

Literature on social & nationalistic thoughts plays an important role in building a nation. It is very important to ensure the availability on good literature that are written without any bias and help build a stronger and harmonious society.


Rashtrotthana Sahitya was started in 1965 to publish literature to uphold the ideas- ideals of Bharata and to render inspiration & enthusiasm to people. Through this, an attempt was made to introduce the greatness of our culture, heritage, history, philosophy and values with a preference to thought centric literature, primacy to the publication of National History related books and promotion of literature imbibing virtuous values in society.

 Publications are:

  • Rashtrotthana Sahitya
  • Sahitya Sindhu Prakashana
  • Geeta Bharati

 Our priorities are:

  • Children Literature – Bharata Bharati book series
  • National – Intellectual – Contemporary
  • Biography
  • History
  • Personality Development – Health

 Volunteering opportunities:

  • Talk to book sellers in your place and influence them to sell the books by Rashtrotthana Sahitya. Introduce them to the contact given below.
  • Organize book exhibition and sale in your place.
  • Arrange for a book stall during different programs / occasions. It can be done as in schools / colleges / universities. Eg., on Independence day, Kargil Vijay Divas, etc.,
  • Introduce good books to your relatives and friends. You can give books as gift for special occasions.
  • Children’s literature with values teachings could be donated to schools
  • Adding subscribers to Utthana, Aseema and other magazines and contribute to social awareness.
  • With a group of friends – Take up door-to-door to campaign for selling books, initiate a drive to sell books in a busy market place on a holiday.

Rashtrotthana Sahitya
Kempegouda Nagar, Near Uma Theater,
Chamarajapet, Bangalore- 560018
Pruthvi Kapoor  9880476396, 080 26612730


Media is a very important tool for communication. Apart from sharing information in the form of ‘NEWS’, it is a tool for exploring language skills, recording History, creating public opinion, fighting for social justice and making an individual socially aware. It is an ideal platform for volunteering to spread nationalistic thoughts

Volunteering Opportunities:

  • Give response to media on the articles
  • Write letters to editor and express your views on any topic. Eg., current affairs, civic issues, national security, policies of government, good things happening around you
  • Contribute by writing articles, providing reports, analysing national – contemporary social issues. Send to periodicals / newspapers
  • Create a forum of Letter Writers and share knowledge
  • Forum of Television Viewers and discuss the TV programs and your views
  • Provide feedback to TV channels
  • Joining team of members active on Social Media   
  • Build relationship with journalists who are socially concerned
  • Organize monthly or bimonthly meeting interested individuals to analyze media related issues

# 74, Keshavakrupa, Ranga Rao Road,
Bangalore- 560004
Mobile: 9480582027
Email: [email protected]

Rajesh Padmar, Vishwa Samvada Kendra
# 74, Keshavakrupa, Ranga Rao Road, Shankarapuram
Bangalore- 560004
Mobile: 9880621824
Email: [email protected]


Social media

  • Social Media is a powerful tool for information exchange. It is a great way to initiate and execute change.
  • 10,25,00,000 Facebook users in India (World’s second largest FB user-base!)
  • 3,50,00,000 Twitter users in India (World’s third largest FB user-base!)
  • 6,25,00,000 Youtube users in India.

 Strengths of social media

  • Acts as a Parallel Media.
  • Communicates to a large group
  • Photo, Video, Texts can be uploaded.
  • Easy Sharing of Links of Websites
  • Posts Sharable, Reactionary.
  • Comments creates Opinion.
  • Adds Pressure on Media, if Media faults exposed.

Social Media’s Impact

  • It changed the political course and discourse of India.
  • It helped India change regime in 2014
  • It helps bring in facts and figures. Instant verification of any speech, press release or paper
  • Increases and helps Activism – Student, Social, Political, Economic, Rights, Charity
  • Individual level: Capture an idea, Collaborate, Publish and Share.

Volunteering opportunities:

Involve in activities like:

  • Write small articles on issues of national and social interest
  • Debunking Government Ads
  • Demanding Accountability in politics and mainstream media
  • Watching out for India’s strategic interests
  • Study on topics like – Jammu & kashmir, north east issues, national security, foreign affairs
  • Charity – Raising funds for 2012 Assam riot victims
  • Write about the good social service organizations
  • Bring civic problems to the attention of elected representatives and Government bodies
  • Form groups of common minded people and work together to spread the message and create awareness

For further details please contact on twitter – Kiran Kumar S (@kiranks) Prashanth Vaidyaraj (@pvaidyaraj)
Facebook :
Twitter :
Prashanth Vaidyaraj – 82770 25046
Harsha Perla – 99010 55118