Grama Vikas


About the activity
Grama Vikasa is a self-sustainable, comprehensive, program planned and executed by villagers, for the villagers aimed at bringing qualitative changes in rural education, health, culture, economy, security and social harmony, resulting in a Model Village and a Powerful Nation.

The activities are centered on six focus areas:
• Education
• Health
• Culture
• Economy
• Security
• Social Harmony

The Grama Vikasa or development of village can be achieved by

Sapta Sampada – Seven Resources

Pancha Shakti – Five Powers

Bhoo sampada –  Land Sanghatan Shakti  – Organization Power
Jala sampada   – Water Yuva Shakti  –  Youth Power
Jeev sampada  – Bio diversity Matru  Shakti -Women  Power
Jana Sampada – Human Resources Sajjan Shakti  – Intellectual power
Vana sampada – Forests Dharmik  Shakti – Religious power
Gau Sampada –  Cow (indigenous)
Shakati Sampada – Natural energy

Various activities carried out as part of Grama Vikasa are:

Kalika kendra Gau seva
Balagokula Gudi kaigarike tarabethi
Grameena kreeda koota Janapada kale/folk art
Deepa poojane Organic Farming
Environmental Awareness Samskruta training
Nanna grama -ondu chintane Abyasa varga. Skill training
Gramotsava Paramparika vaidya
Grama gaurava Matru Mandali
Gau Samrakshane


• Villages with activities – 350 (10 districts)
• Appointed village level workers – 400
• Appointed coordinators – 60
• Benefited children – 10,000
• Resource persons guided – 100(approx.)

Hundreds of villages across Karnataka

Volunteering Opportunity

Give time


Network with


Visit a Kalika Kendra on week-ends Water harvesting – lakes, wells, river IT Professionals Adopt Kalika Kendra/ Vikasa kendra
Design tools to teach Science, Maths etc. to rural students health camps-  health survey Doctors – rural health needs Undertake Drinking water project
Teach games, songs, tell stories, craft Survey of village bio diversity Water harvesting experts Sponsor Infrastructure
Prepare quiz to school kids Seminars  organic farming Educationists Start  a Gou Shala
Make/collect audio- video clips to educate  rural students Training to self-help groups Traditional medicine experts Donate Agri Kit to village
Visit a Kalika Kendra on week-ends Village Festival Village artisans/ Folk artists Adopt Kalika Kendra/ Vikasa kendra
Design tools to teach Science, Maths etc. to rural students “Plant a tree” campaign Professionals from your village living in cities/abroad Sponsor honorarium for full time workers
Community,  Farming in your village

Gururaj – 8277082005
Venkatesh Nayak – 9480075149

Organic Farming

About the activity
Quality food without artificial chemicals is needed for a healthy society. After the Green revolution in India, more than 51% of the food products that are sold are found to have residues of harmful chemicals. So promotion of indigenous, self-reliant, organic farming is need of the hour.
The objectives of Organic Farming initiative are
• Promoting Swadeshi (Indigenous), Swavalambi (self-reliant) and Savayava (Organic/eco-friendly) Krishi (Agriculture)
• Revitalizing local health traditions with safe agriculture and environmental enrichment and promote an eco-friendly lifestyle
• Imparting Development education to the youth and empowering them to play a constructive, non-political, non-partisan, development-oriented leadership role

The activities under Organic Farming initiative are:
• Organizing on farm experiments
• Documentation of indigenous knowledge systems and techniques (IKST)
• Collection of ancient texts/literatures related to agriculture and allied subjects
• Organizing units at village level
• Producer – Consumer Linkage Programs
• Organizing seminars, workshops and trainings with regard to organic agriculture
• Publications
• Networking
• Youth empowerment
• Innovations / Alternatives in agriculture
• Rain water harvesting awareness camps
• Community Seed Banks–Traditional seed conservation
• Native cattle breed conservation
• Participating in national and international organic trade fairs
• Organic village program

Krishi Prayoga Pariwara – Savayava Krishi Pariwara, Bharathiya Kisan Sangha, Grama vikasa are some of the organizations pursuing the cause of promoting Organic Farming.


  •  More than 14000 organic farmers in the state
  •  Nearly a Lakh farmers shown interest, participated in a few activities of organic farming.
  •  Nearly 1.6lakh acres of land under organic cultivation.
  • 175 taluks have taluk ‘Savayava Krishi Pariwara’ – Organic farmers’ associations.
  • Documented indigenous knowledge/techniques; traditional varieties of paddy, jack and mango used for pickling
  • Published books on organic farming, rain water harvesting, ethno veterinary practices, paddy cultivation, indigenous cattle breeds, traditional paddy varieties of Sagar and Thirthahalli taluks

Throughout Karnataka

Volunteering Opportunity

  • Awareness among farmers and Consumers – Camps, jathas etc
  • Organizing – producers or consumers
  • Training – Trainers or end users
  • Marketing
  • Research / Farm Trails
  • Innovations – farmer friendly equipments / machines
  • Documentation
  • Publications
  • Media Publicity
  • Funding – raising or donating

Krishi Prayoga Pariwara
Krishi Nivasa, Kuruvalli,
Thirthahalli – 577432
Shimoga district, Karnataka State
Phone: 08181 228340 / 229340
Email :[email protected]
Aruna – 9449623275,
Anand – 9448204831

Marketing Organic Products

About theactivity
Because of the increased awareness Increase in Health benefits and care for environment Organic Products are gaining popularity. However, few of Branded Organic items are too expensive with their sources unknown.

Hence to bridge the gap between organic farmers and consumers by connecting directly with farmers, initiatives like monthly Organic Mela @ Rashtrothhana, Bangalore and also at Sahitya Kendra, Mangalore have been started. Plans to have mobile organic store coming to apartments and tech parks in Bangalore are also in pipeline.

Savayava Krishi Pariwara (Federation of Organic farming families) is promoting this cause.
Example of residents connecting:LBS Nagar IT Milan members formed a dedicated team called “Sakriya” (Savayava Krishi Abhiyaan) along with members of LB Shastri Nagar locality.

Though the initiative is in infancy the support received by consumers is overwhelming. Also the since farmers directly interact with the consumers, together with better money returns to products farmers working on ground level are getting the feedback and inputs on consumer needs.

Bengaluru and Mangaluru

Volunteering Opportunity

  • Purchasing Organic Product onsite or pre-order
  • Providing place & connecting interested people in apartments to have organic mela
  • Publicity through social media and word of mouth
  • Door-to-door campaign
  • Blogging about the effort
  • Poster Creation and Distribution across various apartments
  • Serving Organic delicacies during Mela
  • Suggest process improvements
  • Create Organic consumers forum/network

Savayava Krishi Pariwara
Krishi Nivasa, Kuruvalli, Thirthahalli – 577432
Tel: 08181 228340 / 229340
E-mail : [email protected]
Aruna – 9449623275, Anand – 9448204831
Contact : Gaurav Srivastava (98806-73500),  Saraja Puranik (98451-67297)

Vanavasi Kalyana

About theactivity
Vanavasis are our brethren who live in remote hills and forests constituting 9% of our national population. All over India there are over 600 groups very distinct and rich in cultural heritage. Unfortunately even after independence the facilities/ grants have not reached them.

Vanavasi Kalyan Karnataka(VKK) is founded in 1988 Founded with the mission to Identify, plan, execute & facilitate sustainable socio-economic development projects in tribal areas, in coordination with local government, donors, public etc.

The activities of VKK aim to promote among the tribal
1. Sports
2. Education
3. Community Leadership.
4. Health care
5. Awareness about needs, problems, participation & solutions
6. Retain cultural identity & social value systems, along with development.

VKK is currently running 320 projects in 189 places across 10 districts of Karnataka (mainly remote areas).


  • Impacts of Vanavasi Kalyana activityare:
  • Vanavasi children have started showing keen interest in studies
  • Sending their girl children to VKK hostels for study (few years back it was almost impossible)
  • Runner-up in Bengaluru Midnight marathon – bare foot runner was a vanavasi.
  • VKK hostel student is now Maths lecturer in Jain college Bangalore
  • Many students in diploma, degree as well as PG courses
  • Vanavasi women have fought against liquor mafia and made their hadis liquor-free
  • There is a cultural awakening & social awareness because of Vanavasi Kalyan activities.

The below table gives details of Vanavasi Kalyan activities in nutshell




Project locations


Total Projects


Vanavasi Districts


Districts  covered






Boys Hostels



Girls Hostel






Bala sanskara Kendra- daily



Bala sanskara Kendra- weekly



Grama Vikasa



Self help groups



Health Service






Tuition centers



Agriculture center



Sports center


Shraddha Jagaran


More than 15,000


Mysore, Chamaraj nagar, Kodagu, Ramanagar (In Karnataka North – Bidar, Yadarigi, Belgaum, Dharwada, Sirsi, Karwar)

Volunteering Opportunity

  • Volunteer full time or part time in Vanavasi Kalyan centers: For kids, community, staff
  • Introducing/connecting interested people with Vanavasi Kalyan: Doctors, Teachers, Agriculturists, Sports coach, Vocation trainers
  • Help Vanavasi Kalyan in Management & Field-work: Training for staff, Field work with staff
  • Donate & Raise funds : Self/Friends/Family/Workplace
  • Organize Vanayatra to vanavasi areas and make your friends participate
  • Sample list of opportunities to volunteer
  • Taking kids on education tours
  • Preparing quality kannada videos to teach (New or Dub youtube videos)
  • Health and Hygiene
  • Career guidance
  • Personality Development
  • Sports Coaching
  • Doctors, Health camps
  • Farming, Animal husbandry, Diary and such programs
  • Skill based training for self-employment at homes, villages.
  • Awareness about Govt schemes, bank schemes, and such facilities




Phone No.

Manjunatha Shankar manju.mysooru

94484 57973
Anup Kumar T anupkumart

96113 17064
Govardhana KN govardhan.nagarajaiah

97408 58858
Dr Suresh Babu 98445 74436

Facebook page:

Gou Samvardhana

About the activity
Cow is the real asset for countries like Bharat where agriculture is the primary occupation. The Gou Kula gives unlimited benefits to the Society: Farming and manure, Food and nourishment, Transport, Fuel, Housing, Medicines, and Environment.

  • Each year Rs.90,000 Crores is earned with just the sale of milk & milk products.
  • Cattle save Rs. 40.8 Crores every year through assistance in farming / agricultural related activities.
  • Every year we are saving Rs.48,000 Crores by using Gomutra & Gomaya products.

Now, Because of widespread cow slaughter for meat and other cow products, religious beliefs and in the name of “pink revolution” the cattle is fast vanishing. Love for exotic cow breeds due to the misconception of high productivity has also posed serious threats to the indigenous breeds. Hence it is indeed necessary to protect the indigenous Cow breeds as much as saving our Gou Mata from being slaughtered.

Hindu Jagarana Vedike, Vishwa Hindu Parishat, Surabhi Goshala, Madhugiri, Rashtrothana Goshala, Doddaballapur, Bharathiya Kisan Sangha these are some of the organizations which have taken up Gou Samvardhana activity.

Rashtrothana Parishat and Surabhi Goshala are running Goshalas of Desi Cow breeds since past several years. By the efforts of various organizations awareness is created for using Cow products, medicinal benefits of Gomutra, Gomaya etc., to establish and support Goshala and necessity to protect the desi cow breeds.

Places where Currently Working
Throughout Karnataka

Volunteering Opportunity

  • Make contribution in whatever way to help develop farm communities
  • Making monetary contribution to adopt a cow in Goshalas and villages
  • Form communities for Go-sevaks and promote. Raise funds for Goshalas
  • Fund installation of Gobar gas facilities in villages
  • Writing articles, books, poems, paintings, talk about it and thus develop the missionary zeal
  • Learn about medicinal values of Cows based products like Cow dung, Cow urine, Milk & its derivatives and promote their use
  • Associate with communities who are working for change
  • Buy and promote organic groceries, Gomutra and Gomaya based products. Eg., soap, toothpowder, shampoo, floor cleaning agents, etc.,

Madhusudan 90085 30620, Ullas 94830 90323
Email: [email protected]