Dharma Jagarana

About the activity

Hindu dharma is soul of our nation and its prosperous existence is inevitable for the world peace. However,the Semitic religions are aggressive to suppress Hinduism. The population growth trends as per census of past decades show gradual increase in Christian and Muslim populationand decrease in Hindu population particularly in Bharat.

Forced conversion by evangelical missionaries; the conspiracy of Islamization and their tactics like Love Jihad, Land Jihad, growth of home grown terrorism and the fraudulent acts of communal violence is posing serious threat to Hinduism and Bharat, our Nation.

Dharma JagaranaSamanvayaVibhag aims to create awareness among Hindus and bring social harmony; it also attempts to oppose and prevent stop all kind conversion activities, reconvert those forcefully converted and defend from threats posed to Hindu Dharma.

 The activities of Dharma JagaranaSamanvayaVibhaga involve:

  • To Stop Conversions
  • Paravarthana- To take back converted into Hindu fold
  • SamajikaSamarasya – Social harmony among Hindus
  • Forming district committees involving Sants, Swamijis, Doctors, Lawyers, Retired officers, Archakas, Women etc., for increasing strength of unity
  • Creating Awareness about Hindu Dharma
  • Conduction of DharmaRakshaBandhan, DharmaRaksha Divas, Bharath Matha Puja in sensitive areas.


  • 85 Thousand to 95 thousand people per year are coming back to Hindu dharma from Christianity/Islam , throughout the nation
  • Adopting about 5,000 villages per year to stop conversion
  • Identified 800 communities as sensitive communities and work has started in around 400 communities
  • Around 20 girls where brought out from the clutches of ‘Love Jihad in Karnataka
  • Formed over 300 Dharma RakshaSamitis, more than 60 Sants have started working for the cause

Places where Currently Working

Throughout the country

Volunteering Opportunity

  • Collecting information and data about sensitive areas
  • Formation of Dharma RakshaSamitis in sensitive areas
  • Formulate action plan for next 1-2 years
  • To Build a team for sensitive communities and castes
  • To care about availability of minimum required resources
  • Spreading awareness through print, electronic and social media

H M Nagappa
Phone: 98454 49369
Email: [email protected]


About theactivity

We Hindus believe Mother Cow is the Embodiment of 33 CroreGods.The Cowabsorbs the 64 energies present in the nature through the Gomaya (Cow dung), Gomutra (Cow urine), milk etc.  These energies are transferred by the Cow to help other living beings. That is why it is believed that all 33 Crore Gods dwell in its Body.

However, the lakhs of Cows are is being brutally slaughtered every year in the name of religious ritual, for beef, for skin and other products and in the name of pink revolution.

According to laws, only those animals which are older than 16 yrs of age & are useless can be slain. However, now meat of young healthy buffaloes between 4 months and 1 yr can be exported. The statistics of what is happenings on the ground will leave us put us scary:

  • Right now, there are 36,000 slaughter houses, of which 10 are highly automated, wherein daily 2,50,000 animals are hacked.
  • Al-kabir (Hyderabad) alone is licensed to kill 6,00,000 a year. Deonar (Mumbai) kills 1,20,000 Cows and 60,000 Buffalos. Kolkata based slaughter house kills 12,00,000 Cows & Buffalos per year.
  • Uttar Pradesh has granted license to set up new 8 mechanized slaughter houses.
  • Bharat is the top 5th country among BEEF producing Nations.
  • Bharat is the top 4th country among BEEF exporting Nations.
  • Around 1,000 cows are killed every day in Bangalore city. More than 10,000 in whole Karnataka.
  • More than 100 illegal slaughter houses in Bangalore city, more than 1,000 in Karnataka.
  • Illegal Transportation across Karnataka to Andhra Pradesh, Goa and Kerala

Hindu JagaranaVedike and VHP activistsare participating in Gou Samrakshana across Karnataka and preventing the slaughter, illegal transportation of cows.

  • Activists are monitoring the movements of illegal transport and filling legal cases against those showing cruelty on cattle.
  • Conducting Public Awareness and Agitation programs.
  • During bakrid festival where huge numbers of cows are slaughtered, the special team of activists watches and blocks such illegal transport.


  • In one year we saved more than 1,000 cows in Bangalore city more than 5,000 in Karnataka
  • More than 40 criminal cases lodged against illegal transportation of cows
  • Earlier, cows were used to be killed in streets, now a days it was stopped due to the efforts by activists

 Places where Currently Working
Throughout Karnataka

Volunteering Opportunity

  • Gou Jagruti: creating awareness about benefits of cow and against cruelty on animals
  • Provide legal aid
  • Can involve in all activities – agitations, watching and taking action against the illegal transportation of cows etc.,
  • Fund the activities and agitations

Kumar Subramanya 9480490596



About theactivity

A family is a unit of people related by blood in general; A family demonstrates mutual respect, affection, sharing of ups and downs of life, offers security, culture and care to its members. Family is first of the links for a person to “connect” to society

A home is not just a structure with 4 walls, it’s a is a cultural center to groom goodness, where  members wish well-being of each other, correct mistakes, share joys, lend a helping hand in moments of need, inspire us for a good life, etc. A home is a lab where kids learn by observing elders

However, it is a growing concern that this system is weakening now-a-days, mainly because the fabric of basic family system is weakening. KutumbaPrabodhan is an initiative to address these concerns.

 The KutumbaPrabodhan initiative aims to:

  • Preserve the family system for the next generation
  • Re-establish the system of mutual cooperation
  • Pass on the value system of sharing and caring to the next generation
  • Learn tools for good life, of mutual growth and well being of all

 Various programs under Kutumb Prabodhan are:

  • Nearby families to get together for 1 – 2 hours, may be monthly once, on occasion, which encourage cohesive bond between families.
  • Informal discussion on importance of family systems, our childhood v/s childhood of new generation kids, pros and cons of today’s life style, etc.
  • Workshop for the newly married couple to bring awareness about mutual care, support, habits etc.
  • ShrimaataKutumbChintanYaatraa: In this program, selected couples stay in the villages. The environment in these village homes, the cultural heritage provides a good informal education on the family system. The guests become part of the family in this short stay and take back a bundle of learning.
  • Annual get togethers


  • One day Kutumb Milan – 250 times
  • Newlyweds – 2 + 1 (PashchimVahini)
  • Shree MaataKutumbChintanYatra – 2
  • Family get together – At 10-15 places

Places where Currently Working
Throughout Karnataka

Volunteering Opportunity

  • Incorporate best practices in your family.
  • Organize Kutumba Milan event in your area.
  • Mobilize participants for various workshops.
  • Conduct workshops for newlyweds or about parenting in corporate setup or in communities.
  • Share KutumbaPrabodhan literature with your friends.
  • Be a resource person and participate in workshops.
  • Write in social media, print media about the family system and examples of good families.

Kutumba Prabodhan
“Jnanagiri”, #75/76, 4th Cross, 2nd Main,
Soudamini Layout, Konankunte, Bengaluru-560 062
Phone: Satish 9900157714

Social Movements 

Collective efforts of individual or groups are organized into social movements to project social change. Social movements refer to any persistent, organized, collective efforts to resist existing structures. Some social movements that are relevant today are listed below:


The objectives are:

  • Transparency, Accountability, Contain corruption
  • Democracy requires informed citizenry which in turn is vital for its functioning.
  • To hold Govt. and their instrumentalities accountable to the governed.


  • Inspection of work, documents, records
  • Taking notes, extracts, or certified copies of documents or records
  • Taking certified samples of material
  • Obtaining information in the form of diskettes, floppies, tapes, video cassettes or in any other electronic mode or through printouts where such information is stored in a computer or in any other device

Volunteering opportunities

  • You can update your knowledge on RTI and be a volunteer in getting information
  • Monitor the Government as a watchdog
  • Get yourself trained and train others
  • You can be a part of the team which is using RTI as a tool to expose the misdeeds of different governments

Mahiti Hakku Adhyayana Kendra, Bengaluru
Vikrama Simha: 9886020774


Consumer Rights Forum 

Every individual is a consumer, regardless of occupation, age, gender,community or religious affiliation. Consumer rights and welfare are now an integral part of the life of an individual and we all have made use of them at some or the other point in our daily routine.

Highlights of the Consumer Protection Act are –

  • Enacted by the Parliament in 1986
  • To provide for better protection of interest of consumers.
  • To make provisions for the establishment of Consumer Councils and other authorities for the settlement of consumer disputes.

Volunteering opportunities

  • Be aware of the rights of a consumer
  • Set up local units of AkhilaBharathiyaGrahakpanchyat in the area where you reside
  • Get trained and train others about consumer rights

Akhil Bharatiya Grahak Panchayat


Anti-Corruption Forum 


  • Fight against petty corruption, State corruption, Bribery, Embezzlement, theft and fraud, Extortion, Abuse of discretion, Favoritism, nepotism
  • Conduct creating or exploiting conflicting interests
  • Improper political contributions

Giridhar Upadhyaya 94498 31147

Human rights


Since last few years we hear more about “Human Rights”. It belongs to everyone – they can’t be taken away from marginalised individuals. It is the duty of the Government and the society to protect the human rights of every individual.

Key principles of human right:

  • Fairness
  • Respect
  • Equality
  • Dignity

 Affected groups:

  • Child labour
  • Sex workers
  • Transgender
  • Devadasi
  • Dalits&marganilised individuals in society
  • Economically weaker section

 Volunteering opportunities

  • Be their voice in the media
  • Legally fight against violation of human rights
  • Sensitize  the other communities and create compassion about them
  • Work as “pressure group”
  • Bring change in the concerned area/group

Organizations and contact

  • Human Rights Protection Society, Mysore
    A M Bhaskar – 9448246647
  • Sangama Trust working with transgenders
    Akaie- 9980042532
  • Working with Devadasis
    Vimochana, Atheni
    Dr Bhima Rao Gasti, Belgaum-9740638930
  • SamarasyaVedike for social harmony in Hindu society
    Vadiraj, Bengaluru– 9480582027
    A M Bhaskar, Mysore – 9448246647
    Shivanna, Shimoga– 9448326926
    Suresh – 9481020473