Corporate Social Responsibility


  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a management concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and interactions with their stakeholders.
  • In Bharat, CSR has traditionally been seen as a voluntary/philanthropic activity and is about
    • Institutional building
    • Community development
    • Sustainability and much more…
    • CSR has been made mandatory by Companies Act-2003, with the following financial parameters during a financial year (FY):
      • Net worth of Rs.500 crore or more, or
      • Turnover of Rs.1000 crore or more,or
      • Net profit of Rs.5 crore or more
      • The spend towards CSR to be at least 2% of the average net profits every FY.
      • Surplus from CSR is to be reinvested into CSR.
      • Companies can invest into CSR by
        • Spending directly on its own
        • Setting-up its own non-profit organization
        • Collaborating or pooling resources with other companies
        • Independently registered non-profit organizations that have a track record of at least 3 years in such activities

Volunteering Opportunity

  • Submit the proposals to CSR team in your companies
  • Arrange a visit volunteers from your company to seva projects
  • Interaction with philanthropists
  • Interacting with salaried employees – monthly contributions
  • Interacting with directors, key personnel in companies
  • Highlight key projects like Tapas and GramaVikas in your circles. Get sponsors for these projects.
  • Other social contributors to be tapped

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Capacity Building at NGO’s

About the activity

  • Capacity Building (Leadership) plays the most critical role in growth of organizations.
  • Leadership of social service organizations must be trained in
    • Understanding and adapting to societal changes, technological advances, and political changes.
    • Providing vision for the organization
    • Organizational development methods
    • Nurturing next generation leadership
    • People managing a project need training in
      • Social transformation cycle
      • Methodologies to understand community’s needs.
      • Stake holder engagement at all levels
      • Project planning and execution
      • Building teams and working in teams
      • Monitoring and evaluation
      • Fundraising
      • Documentation
      • People running activities at the ground level need training in
        • Skills needed for the activity being carried out
        • Mobilizing and engaging communities
        • Problem solving skills
        • Inspiring people to work for society
        • Staying motivated
        • Working in a team

Volunteering Opportunity

  • Need people with executive experience in
    • Organization structures
    • Processes and systems
    • Team building programs
    • Sustaining motivation
    • Innovation in organization
    • Scaling up programs
    • Assess training needs of the organizations.
    • Design the content and delivery methods for training programs.
    • Conduct periodic short term trainings on various subjects.
    • Provide consulting for selected organizations to work closely towards bringing about desired change.
    • Experience in building and managing organizations (NGO or Corporate).
    • Creative problem solving skills.
    • Experience in scaling up a program.
    • HR and training in NGO or Corporate.
    • Soft-skills training.

Organizations in need of this service

  • Seva organizations: Hindu SevaPratishthana, RashtrotthanaParishat, KeshavaSevaSamiti, GramaVikas, Sakshama, and more.
  • Issue centered organizations: BharatiyaKisanSangh, KrishiPrayogPariwar, BharatiyaMazdoorSangh, and Dharma Jagaran.
  • Facilitating organization: Youth for Seva.

Venkatesh Murthy
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Social Incubator

There is a growing trend of social entrepreneurship among talented youth and professionalization of social development sector(SevaVibhag).

About the activity

Phase – 1

  • Invite individuals willing to commit time and take ownership to work on any issue.
  • A panel will shortlist candidates after in-person interview and other processes.

Phase – 2

  • Boot-Camp: Rigorous orientation for few days to provide
    • Process of social transformation
    • Management skills required to initiate the work
    • Collaborative approach to solve issues

Phase – 3

  • Seed funding for the project, if needed.
  • Fellowship/Stipend to support the individual for a decent lifestyle, if needed. If the individual pursues this with a regular job, it is not needed.
  • Co-working space in district centers where feasible.
  • Assign a mentor for each one.

Phase – 4

  • Regular workshops, trainings to accelerate the process and enhance the abilities.
  • Round table meetings to exchange experiences, share challenges, invite ideas, and build fraternity.

Places where currently working

Bengaluru. It needs to be started in other major cities.

Volunteering Opportunity

  • Volunteer as a coach to help enthusiasts who want to start new social service organizations
    • Involve and study social service organizations and identify best practices. Guide people based on the insights from the study
    • Conduct regular coaching sessions with the team to guide them
    • Help set up financial and administration system to the new NGO
    • Help in sustaining the existing activities and planning for growth.

Venkatesh Murthy
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Documentation & Communication

Documentation and Communication are critical for cultivating individual donors as well as tapping into corporate funding. It also helps to attract capable people to organizations.

About the activity

Documentation Needs

  • Project reports
  • Reports of events
  • Documenting success stories or stories of transformation
  • Documenting stories of volunteers involved

Public Relations

  • Bringing out newsletters (printed/e-newsletter)
  • Keeping website content updated
  • Publish stories in mainstream media (print, electronic, and social)
  • Creating and maintaining facebook pages/groups for organizations


  • Writing project proposals for funding
  • Writing project reports to be submitted to donors
  • Documenting project impact evaluation

Locations : Bengaluru, Mangaluru, Mysore, Shimoga, Tumkur and other places

Volunteering Opportunity

  • One or more of:
    • Decent writing skills in English or Kannada
    • Project report writing
    • Creative writing (stories)
    • Project evaluation methodology
    • Creating html newsletters
    • Graphic design
    • Video shooting/editing

Organizations in need of this service

  • Seva organizations: Hindu SevaPratishthana, RashtrotthanaParishat, KeshavaSevaSamiti, GramaVikas, Sakshama, and more.
  • Issue centered organizations: BharatiyaKisanSangh, KrishiPrayogPariwar, BharatiyaMazdoorSangh, and Dharma Jagaran.
  • Facilitating organization: Youth for Seva

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Legal aid to the needy

About the activity

There is a need to provide legal protection to downtrodden,helpless and needy sections of the society; Eg: dowry murder, child kidnapping by professional thugs for begging, Vanavasis etc.,

Adhivaktaparishadis working to address this need by focusingonlegal aid cells, building a network of service minded advocates, Public interest litigations, Legal education and its quality.


  • The activities of AdhivaktaParishat have spread in all district headquarters of Karnataka.
  • AdhivaktaParishat has provided legal aid and consultation to innumerable
  • Represented in many Nationally important cases like Black money, Ramasethu, against cow slaughter, immoral trafficking/love jihad before Honorable Supreme Court of India and Honorable High Court of Karnataka

 Places where Currently Working
All district headquarters

Volunteering Opportunity

  • Be part of the network and provide assistance to the needy
  • Help expanding the organization
  • Participate in study circles
  • Organize, Conduct and contribute to seminars, legal aid camps etc.,
  • Spread legal awareness through print, electronics and social media

Who can volunteer?

  • Advocates
  • Professors in law colleges
  • Chartered accountants

Prasanna P. Deshpande –  98452 98185
L N Hegde 94485 32978