About the activity
Cow is the real asset for countries like Bharat where agriculture is the primary occupation. The Gou Kula gives unlimited benefits to the Society: Farming and manure, Food and nourishment, Transport, Fuel, Housing, Medicines, and Environment.Harapana Halli - Gou Rath Procession - Real cows are in procession

  • Each year Rs.90,000 Crores is earned with just the sale of milk & milk products.
  • Cattle save Rs. 40.8 Crores every year through assistance in farming / agricultural related activities.
  • Every year we are saving Rs.48,000 Crores by using Gomutra & Gomaya products.RSS IT Milan Swayamsevaks Cleaning Goushala Bengaluru (1)

Now, Because of widespread cow slaughter for meat and other cow products, religious beliefs and in the name of “pink revolution” the cattle is fast vanishing. Love for exotic cow breeds due to the misconception of high productivity has also posed serious threats to the indigenous breeds. Hence it is indeed necessary to protect the indigenous Cow breeds as much as saving our Gou Mata from being slaughtered.

Hindu Jagarana Vedike, Vishwa Hindu Parishat, Surabhi Goshala, Madhugiri, Rashtrothana Goshala, Doddaballapur, Bharathiya Kisan Sangha these are some of the organizations which have taken up Gou Samvardhana activity.

Rashtrothana Parishat and Surabhi Goshala are running Goshalas of Desi Cow breeds since past several years. By the efforts of various organizations awareness is created for using Cow products, medicinal benefits of Gomutra, Gomaya etc., to establish and support Goshala and necessity to protect the desi cow breeds.

Places where Currently Working
Throughout KarnatakaGoushala_04

Volunteering Opportunity

  • Make contribution in whatever way to help develop farm communities
  • Making monetary contribution to adopt a cow in Goshalas and villages
  • Form communities for Go-sevaks and promote. Raise funds for Goshalas
  • Fund installation of Gobar gas facilities in villages
  • Writing articles, books, poems, paintings, talk about it and thus develop the missionary zeal
  • Learn about medicinal values of Cows based products like Cow dung, Cow urine, Milk & its derivatives and promote their use
  • Associate with communities who are working for change
  • Buy and promote organic groceries, Gomutra and Gomaya based products. Eg., soap, toothpowder, shampoo, floor cleaning agents, etc.,

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Email: [email protected]