Since last few years we hear more about “Human Rights”. It belongs to everyone – they can’t be taken away from marginalised individuals. It is the duty of the Government and the society to protect the human rights of every individual.

Vadiraj-speaksKey principles of human right:

  • Fairness
  • Respect
  • Equality
  • Dignity

Affected groups:

  • Child labour
  • Sex workers
  • Transgender
  • Devadasi
  • Dalits & marganilised individuals in society
  • Economically weaker section

 Volunteering opportunities

  • Be their voice in the media
  • Legally fight against violation of human rights
  • Sensitize  the other communities and create compassion about them
  • Work as “pressure group”
  • Bring change in the concerned area/group

Organizations and contact

  • Human Rights Protection Society, Mysore
    A M Bhaskar – 9448246647
  • Sangama Trust working with transgenders
    Akaie- 9980042532
  • Working with Devadasis
    Vimochana, Atheni
    Dr Bhima Rao Gasti, Belgaum-9740638930
  • SamarasyaVedike for social harmony in Hindu society
    Vadiraj, Bengaluru– 9480582027
    A M Bhaskar, Mysore – 9448246647
    Shivanna, Shimoga– 9448326926
    Suresh – 9481020473