About theactivity

A family is a unit of people related by blood in general; A family demonstrates mutual respect, affection, sharing of ups and downs of life, offers security, culture and care to its members. Family is first of the links for a person to “connect” to society

A home is not just a structure with 4 walls, it’s a is a cultural center to groom goodness, where  members wish well-being of each other, correct mistakes, share joys, lend a helping hand in moments of need, inspire us for a good life, etc. A home is a lab where kids learn by observing elders

However, it is a growing concern that this system is weakening now-a-days, mainly because the fabric of basic family system is weakening. KutumbaPrabodhan is an initiative to address these concerns.Parivar Prabodhan (3)

The KutumbaPrabodhan initiative aims to:

  • Preserve the family system for the next generation
  • Re-establish the system of mutual cooperation
  • Pass on the value system of sharing and caring to the next generation
  • Learn tools for good life, of mutual growth and well being of allParivar Prabodhan (1)

Various programs under Kutumb Prabodhan are:

  • Nearby families to get together for 1 – 2 hours, may be monthly once, on occasion, which encourage cohesive bond between families.
  • Informal discussion on importance of family systems, our childhood v/s childhood of new generation kids, pros and cons of today’s life style, etc.
  • Workshop for the newly married couple to bring awareness about mutual care, support, habits etc.
  • ShrimaataKutumbChintanYaatraa: In this program, selected couples stay in the villages. The environment in these village homes, the cultural heritage provides a good informal education on the family system. The guests become part of the family in this short stay and take back a bundle of learning.
  • Annual get togethers


  • One day Kutumb Milan – 250 times
  • Newlyweds – 2 + 1 (PashchimVahini)
  • Shree MaataKutumbChintanYatra – 2
  • Family get together – At 10-15 places

Places where Currently Working
Throughout Karnataka

Volunteering Opportunity

  • Incorporate best practices in your family.
  • Organize Kutumba Milan event in your area.
  • Mobilize participants for various workshops.
  • Conduct workshops for newlyweds or about parenting in corporate setup or in communities.
  • Share KutumbaPrabodhan literature with your friends.
  • Be a resource person and participate in workshops.
  • Write in social media, print media about the family system and examples of good families.

Kutumba Prabodhan
“Jnanagiri”, #75/76, 4th Cross, 2nd Main,
Soudamini Layout, Konankunte, Bengaluru-560 062
Phone: Satish 9900157714