About the activity


  • Capacity Building (Leadership) plays the most critical role in growth of organizations.
  • Leadership of social service organizations must be trained in
    • Understanding and adapting to societal changes, technological advances, and political changes.
    • Providing vision for the organization
    • Organizational development methods
    • Nurturing next generation leadership
  • People managing a project need training in
  • Social transformation cycle
  • Methodologies to understand community’s needs.
  • Stake holder engagement at all levels
  • Project planning and execution
  • Building teams and working in teams
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Fundraising
  • Documentation
  • People running activities at the ground level need training in
    • Skills needed for the activity being carried out
    • Mobilizing and engaging communities
    • Problem solving skills
    • Inspiring people to work for society
    • Staying motivated
    • Working in a team

Volunteering Opportunity

  • Need people with executive experience in
    • Organization structures
    • Processes and systems
    • Team building programs
    • Sustaining motivation
    • Innovation in organization
    • Scaling up programs
    • Assess training needs of the organizations.
    • Design the content and delivery methods for training programs.
    • Conduct periodic short term trainings on various subjects.
    • Provide consulting for selected organizations to work closely towards bringing about desired change.
    • Experience in building and managing organizations (NGO or Corporate).
    • Creative problem solving skills.
    • Experience in scaling up a program.
    • HR and training in NGO or Corporate.
    • Soft-skills training.

Organizations in need of this service

  • Seva organizations: Hindu SevaPratishthana, RashtrotthanaParishat, KeshavaSevaSamiti, GramaVikas, Sakshama, and more.
  • Issue centered organizations: BharatiyaKisanSangh, KrishiPrayogPariwar, BharatiyaMazdoorSangh, and Dharma Jagaran.
  • Facilitating organization: Youth for Seva.

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