fund raisingThere is a growing trend of social entrepreneurship among talented youth and professionalization of social development sector(SevaVibhag).

About the activity

Phase – 1

  • Invite individuals willing to commit time and take ownership to work on any issue.
  • A panel will shortlist candidates after in-person interview and other processes.

Phase – 2

  • Boot-Camp: Rigorous orientation for few days to provide
    • Process of social transformation
    • Management skills required to initiate the work
    • Collaborative approach to solve issues

Phase – 3

  • Seed funding for the project, if needed.
  • Fellowship/Stipend to support the individual for a decent lifestyle, if needed. If the individual pursues this with a regular job, it is not needed.
  • Co-working space in district centers where feasible.
  • Assign a mentor for each one.

Phase – 4

  • Regular workshops, trainings to accelerate the process and enhance the abilities.
  • Round table meetings to exchange experiences, share challenges, invite ideas, and build fraternity.

Places where currently working

Bengaluru. It needs to be started in other major cities.

Volunteering Opportunity

  • Volunteer as a coach to help enthusiasts who want to start new social service organizations
    • Involve and study social service organizations and identify best practices. Guide people based on the insights from the study
    • Conduct regular coaching sessions with the team to guide them
    • Help set up financial and administration system to the new NGO
    • Help in sustaining the existing activities and planning for growth.

Venkatesh Murthy
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