Samskarita SambhashanamThe objective of this program is to revive the language that integrates – Revive Samskrit, Rejuvenate our Culture, Rebuild the Nation. By harnessing the manuscripts’ wealth of which there are 4800 manuscript collections in India and 4.5 million manuscripts lie unattended, and by conducting targeted programs this is possible.


  • Free- “Speak Samskrit in 10 days” camps
  • Distance Education – 4  Level Course
  • Balakendram-Value based Education
  • Gita Shikshana Kendram- Unique 4 Level on Gita
  • Prashikshanam: Train The Trainer
  • Shloka Varga: For kids below 4 years
  • Chaatra Varga: For youngsters
  • Kutumba Melanam: Family Immersion Program
  • Matru Melanam: For mothers


Samskruta Bharati is a non-Governmental, non-profit organization dedicated to the cause of Samskrit.

It is a movement for the reconstruction of Bharat through Samskrit and an apex-body of all voluntary organizations in Bharat for promotion of Samskrit.

Impact/ Statistics

  •       6500 homes are Samskrit homes. Entire family speaks in Samskrit.
  •       5 villages are Samskrit Villages. Everyone speaks in Samskrit.
  •       Every year 5 Lakh Children undergo Value-based education thru 500 Balakendras.
  •       Gita Shikshana Kendras touch thousands of lives every Quarter through 500 centres
  •       More than 90 Lakh people trained through ‘Speak Samskrit Camps’
  •       Close to 2 Lakh people have taken up Samskrit correspondence course through 8 languages.
  •       More than 70000 teachers trained in conducting Camps
  •       Activities in 2370 centres all over India
  •       Close to 2 Lakh readership for Sambhashana Sandesha, the monthly magazine.
  •       Over 6000 homes have Children with Samskrit as mother tongue
  •       5 Villages where Samskrit is the medium of communication
  •       Operating in 14 countries other than India. Students from 36 Countries.
  •       Sold 12 Lakh titles of Samskrit Books worth 4 Crores, in just 3 days during World Samskrit Book Fair in 2011

Volunteering opportunities

  •       Be a Vistharak. Give a year! Grow as a leader!
  •       Be an Organiser. Network in  your area. Organise a spoken samskrit shibir in your locality, office, college, school
  •       Raise Funds
  •       Get Trained. Participate in spoke samskrit shibir as a teacher
  •       Teach an hour in a Government School


  •       In every nook and corner of India in 25 states.
  •       All over Bangalore in 10 Vibhags
  •       In IT Companies like Yahoo, Philips, NXP, Infosys
  •       In Institutions like IISc, IIMB, ISRO
  •       In Schools, Colleges, Slums, Temples & Homes
  •       In every True Indian’s heart!

Satyanarayana Bhat: +91 94483 96100
Srinivasan: +91 73537 68933