The aim of teaching students in Government and other schools is to facilitate the holistic development of children in such schools by focusing on activities on a long term basis . We are also creating a framework to effectively engage volunteers from corporates and from the local community so that the program is sustainable. Infrastructure support like computer lab setup, library setup, etc. as needed to support the learning is provided. The program elapse time is through the academic year (June to Feb)


Youth for Seva (YFS) is on a mission to facilitate a movement of volunteering. It empowers and enables individuals & organisations to become positive change agents in the society. In the field of education, efforts have been undertaken to

  • Improve communication skills and nurture the talents of children in over 100 Government schools through Spoken English Training.
  • Encourage students to explore the world through Science experiments and knowledge of computers.
  • Engage children in cultural activities (Art & craft, singing, dance, Yoga, Life skills, etc)
  • Organise School kit drive to reach 25000 children this year
  • Sponsor education for the needy children through Vidyachethana


Reach-out to 10,000+ children studying in Classes 5, 6, 7 & 8 in over 100 Govt schools across Bangalore.

Volunteering opportunities

  •       Teaching Spoken English
  •       Fun with Mathematics (Basics)
  •       Teaching Computers
  •       Teaching Science concepts thru simple experiments
  •       Awareness sessions
  •       Teaching cultural activities (Art & craft, singing, dance, Yoga, etc)
  •       Values and Life skills
  •       Green clubs


Viveka Vikasa is working towards a holistic education in schools in the backdrop of an erosion of values in society. They conduct regular on-going sessions for high school students through

  •       Interactive talks and discussions
  •       Stories and real life incidents of great personalities
  •       Activities, Group activities and games
  •       Videos, Skits and dramas
  •       Counseling
  •       Projects and Field trips etc.


  • Reached over 1,500 students in 10 schools thru more than 100 sessions
  • Planning to reach more schools from this year through one-time events, teacher enrichment sessions, parents orientation program and posters
  • Trained  20 school teachers & 45 volunteers


  •       Sessions mainly in Bangalore
  •       One-time programs/workshops in Bangalore outskirts

Volunteering Opportunities

  •       Conduct regular workshops in schools
  •       Conduct one-time half day workshops in schools/NGOs
  •       Recruiting new volunteers
  •       Train volunteers
  •       Prepare Posters
  •       Virtual : Website maintenance, Social media etc.
  •       Fund Raising

“Jnanagiri”, #75/76, 4th Cross, 2nd Main, Soudamini Layout, Konankunte, Bengaluru-560 062
Contact:  Soumya Dey, Ph: +91-98800 12920 | Email: [email protected]

Viveka Vikasa, #1363, 15th Cross, Kumaraswamy Layout, Bangalore – 560 078
Contact:   Pradeep , Ph: +91-9886042333, Parimala, Ph: +91-9980900075
E-mail: [email protected]
Facebook Page        : Viveka Vikasa