About the activity

The current education system focuses on 3Rs – Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. Disha focuses on core values – 3Cs – Character, Country and Culture. Disha conducts 1-day workshops in colleges to boost the  physical, emotional, social and spiritual quotients. The program design include Yoga session, Counseling session, Quiz session, Audio-visual session, Interactive session, Games session.disha10


  • Disha has sown a seed of values in everyone which they will carry for their lifetime and it will surely sprout and emerge into a huge tree one day.
  • Reached over 10,000 students
  • Planning to reach 5,000 students per year in different parts of the nation
  • Trained hundreds of faculty members

LocationsKajampady in DISHA EVENT

Sessions are conducted mainly in under-graduate and post-graduate colleges in Bangalore including colleges in outskirts. Needs to be started in other places.

Volunteering opportunities

  •       Talk to college management and arrange one-day workshops in colleges
  •       Promote DISHA in colleges
  •       Volunteer to conduct sessions in workshops
  •       Co-ordinate DISHA club activities
  •       Virtual : Website maintenance, Social media etc.,

#57/3, Margosa Road, Malleshwaram, Bangalore – 560 055
Phone: +91 98456 81573, 99163 81599
E-mail: [email protected]
Facebook Page: DISHA
Website: www.dishabharat.org