2017 Campaign Co-ordinators:

Harish +91-8073245400 , Sridhar +91-9980017337, Brijesh +91-97399 53063

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The state-wide ‘Vivek Band’ campaign starts with the wearing of the wrist band with the message ‘BE GOOD – DO GOOD‘ on 12th January 2017 and lasts for 2 weeks till January 26th, 2017. Youth are called upon to involve in a DO GOOD activity while organizations are encouraged to conduct the campaign at their campuses and sponsor this noble cause.

The campaign entails:

  1. Wearing Vivek Band with the message ‘BE GOOD – DO GOOD’ on 12th January
  2. Involving in a service-oriented i.e. DO GOOD activity between 12th-26th January
  3. Organizing an inspirational talk to spread the spirit of service and nationalism
  4. Sharing BE GOOD DO GOOD experience on social media and other platforms to inspire others

This year, Samartha Bharata is supporting CAMBA (Corneal Andhatva Mukta Bharata Abhiyan) of Sakshama, an NGO for the specially-challenged. Eye-donation will be promoted as the ‘DO GOOD’ activity for 2017.

What is CAMBA?
“CAMBA” stands for Corneal Andhatva Mukta Bharat Abhiyan i.e. Corneal Blindness Free Bharat Movement.

Independent India is facing many medico-social challenges. Corneal blindness is one among them. Cornea is an outer most transparent layer of eye, which may be damaged due to many reasons like malnutrition, chemical injury, accident, surgery etc. According to one estimation 2 to 20 lakh population of India is having corneal blindness, which can be cured by corneal transplant. Unfortunately, there is huge scarcity of cornea in the nation. Though every year ~1 crore deaths occur, only 25,000 people are donating their eye for the noble cause. If this number is increased to 4 lakh, Eye banks are established in all states & districts, Cornea specialists are made available at every important place & more importantly the great mass of people is filled with the right awareness about eye donation, we can make India corneal-blindness-free by 2020.

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In order to reach more youngsters, technology-based forums such as website, social media, Whatsapp and SMS are used for promoting the ‘Vivek Band’ campaign. These forums will also be available to those who participate in the campaign to share inspirational experiences. Many organisations, educational institutions, cultural associations, youth icons, scientists, sports stars, cine stars, radio jockeys have endorsed the campaign. This will be an annual event. Institutions, organisations, cultural associations, individuals etc. are welcome to join this endeavor.

*Please Note : Samartha Bharata supports CAMBA’s Eye Pledge Campaign with the intention of spreading awareness about cornea blindness. We will not be following up with individuals who register on our platform. Individuals are expected to express their desire to pledge eyes to their families & friends and spread the message about eye donation.