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About Health Programs in Seva Bastis :

The Health Program in Seva Bastis (Slums) are aimed at

  • Providing affordable & quality healthcare for the economically deprived
  • Providing the essential platform for doctors & hospitals to volunteer their services
  • Address the shortage of doctors in areas of need such as rural areas and slums.
This project aims to draw upon existing Government Program, including those for the prevention of specific diseases. More significantly, the project's aim is to create a network of like- minded doctors, dedicated to the cause of the health and wellbeing of the rural and urban poor. 
Community involvement being essential in achieving its objectives, Seva Basti ensures that a team of non-medical volunteers help each of the doctors. Together, the team of doctors & volunteers take the responsibility of ensuring that continuity is maintained in holding health camps,awareness sessions and counseling sessions in places where required.


Samartha Bharata invites volunteers to come forward and support various initiatives by volunteering with us.



Samartha Bharata welcomes donations.  We request individuals to donate generously for the project.



Associated NGO's

Rashtrothana Parishat

Contact Person : Viresh

Mobile : 94812 40775

Keshava Seva Samithi

Contact Person : Prakash Raju

Mobile : 98454 87509

Youth for Seva

Contact Person : Keerthishankar K N

Mobile : 98451 76785

Sneha Seva Trust

Contact Person : Varadaraj

Mobile : 98444 54949


Contact Person : Prashanth Hegde

Mobile : 98804 79768

Janajagarana Trust

Contact Person : Sripathi

Mobile : 99012 37051

Vikasa Trust

Contact Person : Nataraj Bhagwat

Mobile : 94481 46175


Contact Person : Lakshminarayana

Mobile : 98441 35044

Volunteering Oppurtunities

Medical Volunteer

Volunteer in medical camps and free clinics.
Work as Doctor-at-School or a Doctor-at-Community.
Donate medicine samples.
Conduct health awareness sessions.
Identify needy patients at your clinic/hospital and waive off consultation charges.


Non-Medical Volunteer

Organize Health & Eye checkup camps.
Work as a School Health volunteer..
Female volunteers: Menstrual Hygiene awareness. sessions , Counseling for adolescent girls.
Help expand the Doctors network.
Conduct Health surveys in slums, Conduct Yoga camps in slums, Organize street plays for creating awareness.


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